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Hello September

North won the opening decision and decided to defer. Sheyenne didn't squander the chance to take the lead right away, capping their drive with an 18-yard score from QB Grant Warkenthien 5 minutes into the game. The defense then did their thing by forcing the first punt of the night.

North wasn't just going to lay down though.

After a three-yard loss on first down, Warkenthien threw into the waiting arms of Alex Wegner, who took the interception all the way to the three. After getting backed up to the give, Jacob Brosius crossed the stripe with less than a minute to go in the quarter.

Right after the clock reset North got another unplanned possession, this time as the ball was on the turf. That turnover only lead to a punt but was no less problematic for the home team.

Their next time with the ball also ended with a fumble, this time by Barika Kpeenu but in a strange twist, it ended up in the hands of Dylan Hemerick for his first touchdown ever. Some times it is better to be lucky!

It seemed to be the spark that the Mustangs needed.

After forcing another punt Warkenthien threw another score, this time to Alex Urlaub from the middle of the red zone. The score came on the heels of a 25-yard strike to Gage Anderson.

The North got bit by the turnover bug & Sheyenne's running backs made them pay. Kpeenu broke loose for a 45-yard run and Josh Henricks finished the possession off, putting his team up 28-7 just before halftime.

After the break, Warkenthien was nearly a one-man show in cementing the victory. Sheyenne got the ball after a North punt and the QB promptly ripped off a bobbing & weaving 60-yard run to go up 35-7.

The pressure to comeback lead to a Hail Mary attempt by Daniel Boutain but Kellen Entz took the big play attempt away. That led to a brief change at quarterback, but a muffed punt on the next possession delayed that a while.

Given a short field, Brosius was on the receiving end of another touchdown to cut it back to a 21 point game with the fourth quarter and a few seconds to go.

The door remained ajar after a quick punt by Sheyenne on their next opportunity but North couldn't overcome a first down sack by Abe Hestdalen & KJ Franklin.

And as stated, Sheyenne's quarterback closed it out himself, with another touchdown run from mid-field to shut the door for good.

Sheyenne 42, North 14

With two touchdowns passing and two touchdowns passing it's an easy choice.

Grant Warkenthien45-yard

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