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Food Therapy

💠 Sliders 💠 Egg Rolls 💠

💠 Cake 💠 Blowout 💠

💠 Quesadilla 💠

The final weekend of football for the majority of teams in North Dakota. It will be ending in an unfortunate manner since fans won't be able to see much of the competition in person.

There are still broadcasts scheduled but even televised, it's a far different experience.

SO, get yourself set up with a therapeutic smorgasbord of options!




Cheeseburger - https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/recipes/a54351/cheeseburger-cups-recipe/

Pizza - https://tasty.co/recipe/pizza-popovers

Brownie Sandwiches - https://tasty.co/recipe/breyers-r-reeses-brownie-sandwiches

Enjoy the eats!