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Top Tier Takedown

Aided by effective 3-point shooting in the first half, the Roughriders hung with the Eagles for all 18 minutes.

The second half was a different story.

Red River managed to more than double their output but it wasn't nearly enough as Davies went on multiple, multi-score to no-score runs. It was encapsulated by a lob attempt from beyond the arc that ended with the ball going through the hoop for three points. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good but being lucky & good is a lethal combination for anyone who has to go against it! The Riders showed why they're in the top four of the conference but Davies, in turn, showed why they are where they are in the standings.

Final Score

Davies 81, Red River 53

Grand Forks was lead by William Obioha with 13 while Cole Benson & Bryce Enerson added 11 each. Cameron Van Dam finished with 19 after a 15 point first half, Owen Hektner added 16 (12 in the second half), Cole Hage had 13 and Grayson Haman finished with 12.

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