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Foreword to Football: Oak Grove

Now that we're well in to August, I may be the bringer of less than pleasing news. Sorry to burst any bubbles but Fall is just days away. The best thing to do is to take full advantage of the great weather that we get during the non-school days that are left but the fact remains, Fall is coming and what follows that, sometimes in such short order. However long Fall manages to stick, it brings the array of colored leaves on the trees and in the grass, the cooler temperatures and FOOTBALL.

For some that last one can't come fast enough. So with that in mind, I present to you this year's Forewords to Football.

A special thank you to coach Melvin Whitney for taking the time to answer my questions!

It was an up & down year for your team last fall but as you've thought back on it, are there memories that really stand out as the highlights?  

"The highlight from my perspective was the game vs Ellendal/Edgeley/Kulm. We came out and showed the type of team that we could be when we played together and were focused. I think we scored 21 points in our 1st four possessions. That night, we showed the type of team that we were capable of being."

How do you hope to build on what your team did in 2018?  

"We have a lot of young players, mixed in with a couple of 4 year starters, so our goal is to build on that time that we got them into the games last year, and hopefully they will take the next steps needed for us to be competitive."

Did you take your team to any Football camps this Summer?

"No team camps for us but we did participate in a 7 on 7 league with a couple of other schools." Beyond the every team goal of conference and state championships, what do you hope to accomplish in the upcoming season?

"I would love to see the kids keep making strides in their improvement. Building their confidence with each game. The team that we are in August, will be totally different than the one in October." Now just thinking about the roster that you will be fielding, is there an area or two of your team that you think will be it's strength come the Fall?


"Some might look at that as a bad thing, but when you're young, you don't know what you don't know. They are eager to get out there and show what they can do." Who are some players that may have to step into new or expanded roles?

"Starts with the QB. Josiah Deitz played a little last year, as we tried to prepare him for this year. Cody Card is in that same boat, as the ILB/RB. Both of those guys are sophomores that we will be looking to take a step forward and be counted on with more responsibilities." Is there a leading contender for the quarterback position as things stand today?

"Josiah Deitz has been positioning himself as the leader at the position thus far. Jake Lang & Cody Card are giving him a good battle, but Josiah has been hitting all of the goals that we've set for him as a coaching staff. Leadership on and off of the field."