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Friday Split

A 1 versus 2 matchup is always appealing but before the guys could see which team would hold onto their undefeated season, the ladies from Sheyenne & Davies had their chance to test.

The Eagles started with a 14 - 5 run over the first sixth of the game and they held the 11 point margin for another six minutes before Sheyenne started to make headway in their comeback. At the break it was 34 - 28 Davies. Sheyenne kept chipping away in the second until a three by Alivia Manson put them up 1. The lead was short-lived as the Eagles took it back on the next possession but the precedent for the remainder of the game was set. It wasn't until the game was in its final 100 seconds that Sheyenne was able to pull away, but even then it required them to hit their free-throws.

Final Score

Sheyenne 59, Davies 51

Davies got a game-high 18 from Ryleigh Wacha and 13 from Taylor Fey. Sheyenne had eight players score lead by 17 from Jadyn Feist, their lone player in double-figures.

So that was the opener and it set up the atmosphere for the capacity crowd as well as it could have! They started out going nearly shot-for-shot with each other on the way to an 11 - 9 game after six minutes of play. Davies took that slim lead and found way after way to breathe air into it until it had ballooned into a 36 - 20 halftime score.

Sheyenne kept battling but for every point that they were able to score, Davies had an equal and greater answer. A five-minute span, mid-way through the second half all but sealed it. Already up 45 - 31, the Eagles went on a 14 - 6 run in five minutes of game time to bring it to a 59 - 37 differential with 8 minutes left. Far from a bold statement, but I suspect that both these will make noise well into the state tournament but Davies left no doubt why they are the #1 team in the state.

Final Score

Davies 74, Sheyenne 47

Sheyenne got 10 from Blake Berg & Zion Dettmann. Davies was lead by 22 from Ty Satter with 15 from Grayson Haman & 13 from Justice Noel.

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