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FFGB: Week 3

For the year's that this site has been in existence I've kept it about Fargo area sports as close to 100% of the time as I could. Did I mix other things some times and make parallel's that extend beyond the field, court & track? Absolutely, but only when the comparisons and inclusions made sense to me. Until now that is.

I'm quite certain that talking Fantasy Football will still be relevant to many of you but I admit that it has little to do with the prime directive.

I've talked Fantasy ball for almost half my life but being able to talk about something does not as naturally translate to the keyboard as you may think. Now that the season is under way, I've decided to lock in on the four key aspects of running a Fantasy team. There's a bit of tongue in cheek with the four categories but each are my personal recommendations for this week. All player considerations will be based on ownership and usage in Myfantasyleague leagues

I decided to add one more piece to this, a Q & A with at least one good question submitted on Twitter. The first two are mildly related with a third thrown in for good measure.

"Should I drop Tarik Cohen for Frank Gore? I have Devin Singletary on the bench."
"Would you trade Devin Singletary for Stefon Diggs?"

Frank Gore is the preeminent enigma in the NFL. Running backs aren't supposed to last that long in today's game but here he is still under consideration for Fantasy Football. With Singletary potentially missing time with a hamstring injury, I understand the question and that is compounded by the ineffectiveness of the Bears offense through two weeks. Even so, to question #1, I would say no because I think Matt Nagy will get his head on straight and start using him properly. To the second question, It's a bit of a coin flip. There will be weeks where Cousins plays well and Diggs will serve as the primary beneficiary of that but it's New England like in trying to figure out when it will happen. If it's determined that Singletary will be unavailable for several weeks then I would lean towards taking the deal but he won't be a sure thing any week all season.

"Which defense should you look to stream in week 3?"

With under 27% ownership and a juicy matchup against the rapidly woebegone Steelers my suggestion would be streaming the 49ers defense this week.

Vernon Davis is still below 50% ownership. Based on Washington's matchup I can understand it but with the Giants and Dolphins in coming weeks, he may be able to exceed expectations in two of the next four.

The other dice roll that could significantly out produce his sub 4% ownership is Mack Hollins. It hinges on Carson Wentz being injured while the more established members of the offense would have to miss time but on Sunday night he was targeted eight times which turned into five catches for 50 yards. That would be a decent flex play most weeks.

Thirdly, purely on the talent in the offense and the track record of the coach, Teddy Bridgewater is a name to consider if you find yourself on the wrong end of the one of the quarterback injuries.

Maybe the most obvious one that I'll have all year

- drop all Dolphins -

because you should not have wasted any spots on Miami players.

It's specific to PPR leagues but with 18 targets through two weeks, and as mentioned with Vernon Davis, not a whole lot else of work with, Chris Thompson has a great chance of being a safety valve for Keenum as the Bears defense gets after him.

After scoring less than 9 points a game through the first two week in standard format, it's accurate to say that JuJu Smith-Schuster has been a disappointment. Now with an unproven quarterback set to take over and a 9ers defense that appears to be ascending, it could get even worse this week. Of all the guys with start percents north of 75, none are more shaky than JS-S!

The Titan Clash.

This Sunday will feature the two highest scoring quarterbacks to date when Baltimore visits KC. The storyline will be covered heavily this week but the thing I'm most curious about is finding out which defense is for real. After getting torched by Jacksonville's backup in week 1, they put together a respectable effort against an Oakland team that I think is still on track to outdo many expectations. So in an early season tie-breaker, the Chiefs defense will get to try and limit Lamarvelous. I have yet to decided whether I think they'll do a better job of it than the Ravens will of holding the MVP from another record setting performance. Since I own both, I'm personally invested in the split and probably can't lose but for the sake of Mahomes, how the defense does is very intriguing to me.

But that's all for now.

Until next Tuesday, happy Fantasy hunting!