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FFGB: Week 1

For the year's that this site has been in existence I've kept it about Fargo area sports as close to 100% of the time as I could. Did I mix other things some times and make parallel's that extend beyond the field, court & track? Absolutely, but only when the comparisons and inclusions made sense to me. Until now that is.

I'm quite certain that talking Fantasy Football will still be relevant to many of you but I admit that it has little to do with the prime directive.

I've talked Fantasy ball for almost half my life but being able to talk about something does not as naturally translate to the keyboard as you may think. Now that the season is under way, I've decided to lock in on the four key aspects of running a Fantasy team. There's a bit of tongue in cheek with the four categories but each are my personal recommendations for this week. All player considerations will be based on ownership in Myfantasyleague leagues with the dividing line being 50% ownership either way.

After a lackluster first two seasons in the NFL, former Husky John Ross burst into the new season like no one could have imagined! Garnering 12 targets is the best possible indicator that his big point production may not be a fluke while AJ Green recovers from his latest injury. As recent seasons have shown, even once the Bengals star receiver gets back on the field he may not be able to stay there for the remainder of the year. So while I won't bring myself to consider Ross a lock starter every week the rest of the way, if you have a chance to add him, take it! He's already owned in nearly 44% of leagues so snap to it!

Another player that is just above the line of demarcation for consideration but combining the relative weakness of his offense, the strength of the position league wide and his injury it's an obvious choice to drop Nick Foles. Injuries such as his is exactly why I drafted heavily at the position and now have both Mahomes & Jackson on mine. No criticism if you didn't take a similar approach but now it may mean that you'll have to dive into whoever is left in your league and hope that you aren't bitten again.

Checking in at under 34% started last Sunday and with so little else on the offense that he may be able to have a golden oldies year in the capitol, Vernon Davis could save you some weeks this season as a bye week fill-in from a flex spot or as an all out starter depending on who you already have on your squad. He's owned in a measly 22% of leagues so he's also a secret second must add this week!

This one seems so obvious that I hesitate to even say it but with more than 76% of leagues still starting him, I couldn't bypass it. You cannot and should not be starting Antonio Brown right now. I get that it's exciting that he's on one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL but besides Gronk & Brady when has New England ever been that much of a lock for production? Julian Edelman when he's available, Randy Moss or Wes Welker. So yeah, there's some precedent but there are even more mouths to feed in that offense and who knows how he will be used this week. It's stinks because Miami is a dump right now but I have a hard time believing that you can't come up with a better option for this weekend. After that, revisit the idea but for now sit the diva down!

Another offense that seems fully prepared to be a week by week guessing game for Fantasy owners is Philly's. DeSean Jackson had a tremendous start to the year and Wentz may be able to do shades of that every week this year. OR there will be weeks when Ertz or Jeffrey are focused upon in the game plan and Jackson gets used as a decoy. There may be weeks when Jordan Howard scores two touchdowns with another 70 yards and ones where Miles Sanders gets the heavier workload out of the backfield. Week 1 even showed that Darren Sproles is not ready for the career coffin which only muddles the situation all the more! If you hit on the one or two that explode then that's an advantage that few others could equal but starting any of them, except for the Bison QB, is a gamble every single week going forward. I've already experienced the down side of that gamble but my loss could be your gain.

But that's all for now.

Until next Tuesday, happy Fantasy hunting!