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Fargo South Softball

The temps are now consistently above freezing, the snow is melting and there's a threat of flooding. What does all that mean? Spring time in the Red River Valley. Which also means that the start of Spring sports is just around the corner! So take a few minutes to hear from the coaches that were gracious enough to answer my questions!

The next coach to do so was Fargo South's Molly Lundon.

Thank you for the time & information coach Lundon!

The first thing I'm curious about is if there is a memory that really stands out as the highlight for you and your players?

"The game against Devils Lake that we needed to win to secure a spot in the EDC was one of the best games we have played. It ended up being a 1 run game that was decided in the 7th inning, so it was very lively and intense until the end."

If you could go back & change a play or moment from last season what would it be and what would you have go differently?

"As far as going back and changing one key moment, I don’t have a specific one, but there are definitely some innings I would like to do over as that took us out of a few winning opportunities."

Not specific to last year but in general, is there a particular team, a rival, that your players enjoy competing against, whether they win or lose?

"I think my players like playing against the other Fargo schools as they seem to know a lot of the players on those teams."

Is there a team that you most enjoy coaching against?

"I enjoy playing Devils Lake as that is where I am from."

How do you plan on building upon what you taught your returning players last season?

"We have spent a lot of time in the offseason working on our hitting and defensive skills. Our pitchers and catchers have also been putting in a lot of hours with pitching coaches and pitching/catching camps to improve their skills."

Beyond the every team goal of a state championship, what do you hope to accomplish this season?

"We want to hit better and to have a tighter defense. A big goal for our pitchers will be to be more consistent and able to give their defense the opportunity to help them be successful during each inning. We also want to win a game in the EDC this year."

Now just thinking about the roster that you will have, who will need to step up to replace players that moved on?

"Maddy Esterby will be our starting pitcher, as we lost a 3 year starter who moved to another state around the end of last year. We also will look to senior Brooklyn Klein and Junior Chloe Bry to lead us in the outfield as we had 7 seniors graduate last year."

As things are today, is there a certain aspect of the game that you think will be the strength of your team come the first practice or game?

"I think because a lot of my players have put in some much time in the offseason we can hit the ground running hard when that first practice starts. From there it's about continuing to get better every practice because they know what is expected of them and they have all set goals for themselves and the team."