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EDC Playoffs- Davies @ Sheyenne Girl's Basketball

On the verge of the month of Basketball upsets, it was probably naive to think that both of the higher seeded teams would be able to skate through at Sheyenne last night. First on the docket was a border town showdown between the Mustangs and their neighbors from the Southeast, Davies.

Sheyenne came out playing a little more sharply than their guests and gained the early lead. It didn't take long for the Eagles to get their game on track, overcoming the deficit, pushing their lead to seven and extending it to nine at the break.

The second half played out as a tug-of-war between the two newest school's in the region. Sheyenne did all they could to make the game dramatic while Davies was able to manage their lead, making it as large as possible. With five minutes to play, it was the Eagles who had won the "war", going up by 15.

The Mustang's didn't wave the white flag but instead found a way to close it to under eight for the first time in the half. The small success was dismantled as quickly as it had been achieved, with the Eagles quickly pushing their lead back to double digits.

Davies 64, Sheyenne 52

Sheyenne was lead by Maggie Manson's 20 points with Yasmina Dokara chipping in with 10. The Mustang's also managed a much more balanced offensive approach than the Eagles. Davies didn't need seven players to chip in as they got 23 from Alyssa Paper, 18 from Taylor Fey & 12 from Ryleigh Wacha to power them to the victory.

Player of the Game

Alyssa Paper

Photo of the Game