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EDC Girl's Championship

The EDC girl's championship was the game of the weekend. It had everything that should be included in a championship game. Don't believe me? Read on.

A third of the way through the first half, Shanley & Devils Lake were knotted at 17. Over the remaining 12 minutes of the half the Firebirds doubled up the Deacons, 22 - 12. So Shanley had to check the first box of a great game - the comeback.

Six minutes into the second half and they had cut it to a five point game. They didn't stop there, as the deficit shrunk to two before the birds took off again. Back to a nine point lead, the pressure remained on the Deacons who had to play the final four minutes of the game without one of their key players. Hadley Huber went down with an apparent knee injury that sidelined her for the rest of the game. She walked off on her own so it may have just been precautionary but it added to what they had to overcome. I don't want to come across as callus but that also checks off another box - loss of a key player in crunch time.

An unlikely source stepped up in the time of greatest need for Shanley. Over the final four minutes, Moriku Hakim scored seven straight points to tie the game at 67. The Deacons took it one step further and gained a two point lead from the free throw line. Now all they had to do was get a single stop and they would get to raise the trophy. As the time spun off, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 the Firebirds passed the ball around, trying to get the best shot they could to tie it again or claim their victory. The shot went up, time seemed to slow down and the nylon net flashed orange & white - a tie game, overtime.

Another box checked. Shanley returned for the bonus time, looking unfazed by the shot they weren't able to stop. They kept it close, even leading again briefly but another rally was not to be. Devils Lake would hoist the trophy.

Devils Lake 77, Shanley 74

Reile Payne lead the way for all scorers with 26 points in 53(!) minutes of play. Second for the Deacons was Hakim's 13 with Kate Busek (12) & Kelly Christmann (10) rounding out the leaders. For the champions it was Jess Mertens atop the scoring with 20 while Ramsey Brown added 15 and Jailyn Martinson (11) & Taylor Windjue (10) chipped in.

Best game of the weekend.

Well done & congratulations to both teams!

Player of the Game

Jess Mertens

Photo of the Game