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Decider Friday

Following the track-meet of a first-quarter that was Detroit Lakes @ D-G-F, I didn't think I would see anything comparable. With the EDC title on the line, Sheyenne did their best to run the first quarter out. Their opening drive took nearly 8.5 minutes off the clock and didn't take a lot more than that on phones. When they got behind the sticks because of a penalty they completed a pass but otherwise, it was just a load of handoffs. Until they got to the edge of the end zone that is. With five yards to go, Grant Warkenthien slung the ball to Barika Kpeenu for the first points of the night.

After the defense forced a quick punt the Mustangs ran the clock the rest of the way to the reset. 12 minutes of game time in 28 minutes, not too shabby. Sheyenne went with a bit more tempo on their second possession and capped it with another touchdown, this time in the hands of Zach Rodgers.

After a punt attempt that didn't work Sheyenne got it back again with a short field. This time they paid off Tyler Terhark for some of the catches that he had been making between score zones with a run for six. After a failed PAT it was 20-0.

Following another punt, it was Kpeenu time again, with a 48-yard catch & run touchdown. To make up for the missed point before, they put the ball in Terhark's hands and he made it 28-0.

The Bruins could have waved the white flag at that point but instead chose to rally. After a sack put them in a tough position, Sibomana Enock put up one more highlight-reel play. He caught the pass on the visitor's side of the field, made a handful of Mustangs miss while he weaved his way through traffic until he had some space on the home side. It's a rough estimate but I'd say he ran about 40 yards to pick up the first down. On the next play, Kevin Hardy made a catch at the one-yard line and Dany Lahai punched it in just before the half.

The Bruins late push for points got another boost when they started play with the ball. Enock added another highlight to his junior year with a 69-yard touchdown run on the first play.

Still with a 14 point cushion, Sheyenne didn't start pressing. Another methodical drive chewed up 5.5 minutes and ended with another Zach Rogers score. The defense took the baton and forced a turnover-on-downs via a sack by Tommy Bright.

That lead into a couple short possessions, highlight by an interception by Tony Wang, which he ran all the way to the five-yard line. From there, Kpeenu finished off the touchdown trifecta and closed the scoring book for the night.

Final Score

West Fargo Sheyenne 42, South 14

Congratulations to the 2019 EDC champion Sheyenne Mustangs.

Players of the Game

Barika Kpeenu

Photo of the Game

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