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Davies Boys 🏀

Football season just ended but that means that in the constant motion of the calendar it's time to start really thinking about Basketball season. The few weeks that are left before tip-offs start will go by in a hurry. While you wait, enjoy this year's lot of Q & A's with coaches in the area!

First up this year is Bart Manson as he faces the task of coming back without several of his top players from last Winter. The cupboard is far from bare for the Eagles though, with NDSU commit Grayson Haman amongst the players who will have to fill new & expanded roles!

Thanks again coach Manson for the great insights!

I'm curious which memories stand out as the highlights of last year?

"Last year was an exciting year for Davies Basketball. We ended up going 24-3 on the year, won the regular season and EDC tournament, those were probably the highlights from last year."

How do you plan on building upon what you taught your returning players last season?

"We have a good roster coming back from last year. 8 players that all saw some action in games during the course of the year are back. With not a lot of turnover from last year we should get off to a good start."

Have you already had players in the gym working on their game this Fall?

"We keep pretty busy all year. Right now we have 3 open gyms during the week to keep kids active and in the gym."

With his commitment to NDSU, Grayson Haman will get a lot of attention this season. Who else will you need to step up to replace your departed talent?

We will be looking for Grayson to fill some of the holes that we lost from last season. Grayson is a great athlete who has the ability to get to the basket anytime he wants. Motschenbacher & Klabo made 97 3’s last season for us and I’m expecting Grayson to fill a bunch of 3’s from that graduating class. We will need some other players to step up for us this year as well.

As things are today, is there a certain aspect of the game that you think will be the strength of your team?

"The strength of our team will be depth and size. We will be able to put 3, 6’7 guys on the floor at one time (Nate Hensel 6’8, Cameron Van Dam 6’7, Owen Hektner 6’7)."

Are there other players that have already shown you that they will be leaders both on and off the court this Winter?

"We also have a lot of guys that played for us last year that will contribute this season too.  (Ty Satter, Cole Hage (2-time all conference), and Justice Noel)."

Ultimately, what do you hope to accomplish this season?

"I think if you asked all those guys they would tell you that they would love to get back to the state tournament and play on Saturday night. Getting second last season was great, but winning another state title would be everyone’s dream come true."