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Closing Statement

It's been a year that has been as forgettable as any, for all the reasons that you all know about. I have no interest in belaboring that point, but it's intrinsic what Moorhead's football team did in their season finale.

Already stripped of the chance to go back-to-back at state and very possibly do even better in the metro, Moorhead carved through their opponents this year like all the turkeys that will soon be under carving knives. Signs continued to point up for the, since the calendar was set to run through section championships.

Due to the ongoing issues, even that was taken from all these young men & women. So to their credit, final games were set up and in this case, Alexandria made the trip up 94.

And for their time, Moorhead put a whooping on them the likes of which is rarely seen.

Trey Feeney completed touchdowns to the usual recipients: Brady & Blake Walthall & Jacqui Fitzpatrick. Then the coaches started going deeper into the playbook. Feeney ran for a pair of scores - his first of the year. The first was a QB dive at the goal line while the second was from 19 yards out to put Moorhead ahead 35 - 7.

Every Spud possession except for the final one of the first half (starting at the five after an interception with 52 seconds left) ended with a touchdown. They extended that with three more TDs on their first three possessions of the second half.

The final touchdown of the first half was followed by a point after kick by coach Kevin Feeney's daughter, Ellie.

The one that they opened with was a 65-yard screen-pass that George Nyanforh muscled for a touchdown.

Then Feeney dialed-up a touchdown pass to Tanner Kainz.

Like I said, they really didn't hold anything back.

Which all lead to the cherry on the sundae.

Facing a 4th & 25 at midfield, Feeney dropped back again & fired the ball down field. Blake Walthall showed the years of experience he had with his quarterback and timed his jump just right. While the ball would have been an over throw many times, this time it was tipped by Walthall just right and he had the awareness & ability to haul it in before it hit the turf.

With no one between him and the end zone it was a walk-in score.

Just had to shrug while simultaneously feeling bad that they couldn't keep going to find their limits.

And I've barely mentioned the defense.

They were consistently harassing & blanketing Alexandria's offense.

Team's don't score 63 by accident but they also don't hold teams to one touchdown that way either.

It will be a long time before there's another team in this area as good as that one. And in spite of the fact that so few people were able to see them in person, they will go down as one of the best ever. Although, maybe the mystery will add to the conversations in the future, like the size of the big fish that no one else saw.

In any case, it was everything it could be!

Moorhead 63, Alexandria 7

Pretty obvious choice

Trey Feeney

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