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Following a first quarter that ended with each team only scoring 2 points over the final three minutes, the Kindred Vikings went on a 10 - 2 run over the final four minutes of the second to take a 29 - 25 lead over the Grovers.

Early in the third quarter, Oak Grove's big man Noah Swenson was caught with his heels in the restricted zone which pushed him to the bench with four fouls. The subs & the rest of his teammates tried to keep matching-up with the big Vikings but the task proved too tall and Kindred nearly doubled up Oak Grove. So the fourth quarter became about holding onto the lead and securing their 10th win in a row.

Final Score

Kindred 71, Oak Grove 54

Oak Grove was lead by Mayson Bolme with 15. Kindred got 22 from Andy Freier and 15 from Gavin Keller.

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