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An Early Championship?

As the Sun set the sky on fire, another key game in figuring out who will be this year's EDC champion got underway on the grounds of Fargo South.

The Eagles started with the ball but were stymied by the Mustangs to the tune of a turnover-on-downs. It may not have been the way they scripted it but Ty Satter made up for the stop by picking off a pass & taking it all the way to the one-yard line. The short plunge into the end zone went the way of Sam Moser but even on a pristine evening, attempting the extra point kick was never attempted. Which set up a 2-point conversion that went nowhere.

Sheyenne responded with a four and a half minute drive that ended with their own end zone celebration after Zach Rodgers ran it in. After the extra point, the scoreboard read 7-6.

Into the second quarter, Davies possessed the ball and established what would be their most impactful play the rest of the way - quarterback keepers. After Reid Hartness did a lot of the work to get them close, Ethan Entze put the Mustangs back on top 12-7.

The run of four straight touchdown drives concluded with the first impact play of the evening by Tyler Terhark. After Sheyenne showed again that not all their talented kickers are on the soccer team, they held a two point advantage, 14 - 12.

With a couple ticks more than 3.5 minutes remaining in the half, it was still anyone's ball game. As Davies tried to go even faster than their normal tempo, Matt Wegner evened the turnover rate with an interception that set up another Terhark score before the break, this one coming by way of the air.

As a surprise call to start the second half, Davies called & successfully executed an onside kick to retake the momentum. With the extra possession, Hartness got paid off in the best way for the work that he had already been doing between the zeros. After another unsuccessful 2-point conversion, the score was appropriately & ironically, a field goal different.

It would take all of 46 seconds for that bit of salt to get wiped off the board. On consecutive plays beyond the 30-yard line the Mustangs handed the ball off & finished with a player in the end zone. The first run was wiped out by a holding penalty while the second appeared to be an identical play call, with the same result. So Barika Kpeenu got the credit and his team got back in the lead by a slightly comfortable margin. Slightly being the operative word. They added to it by scooping up a fumble on Davies next possession. Nothing came of it, or Davies possession after for that matter, but running time off the clock became more of a priority so it was a success for the Stangs.

On the first play of the next possession, Terhark made it a trifecta of touchdowns. It was almost a guaranteed score after the Sheyenne defense stopped Davies inside the five but it still needed to be finished.

Davies responded with another touchdown on their next chance, with a long run by Hartness being the linch-pin to the drive. Jack Carlson got the call to finish the drive and then the QB tossed it to Justice Noel for the 2-point. They followed that up with a more traditionally timed on-side kick which they again managed to come away with. It was on the Sheyenne defense to shut the door and they did exactly that. Time wasn't up but the Mustangs offense did enough to hold that stop up & let the clock run out.

Final Score

West Fargo Sheyenne 35, Davies 26

The EDC is still in play for all five teams that it was before Wednesday's action started but with the win, Sheyenne kept themselves in control of the chance to be the top finisher, for the second year in a row after Friday's games are final.

Player of the Game

Tyler Terhark

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