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A Wonderful Musk?

It took all of 193 picks, including three of four straight selections but the Vikings finally added a body to the collection of edge protectors! I could not tell you a single thing about Elon without looking it up but they had one of the best offensive linemen in the FCS over the last few years. At 6'5" and weighing in at more than 320 pounds he has the size to potentially see the field in the NFL but he will have to earn a spot as either a tackle, 🙏 , or a guard.

As with all the other players taken around and after him, his best chance will be to start on the practice squad and show the commitment & ability needed to not only last but also to actually play. He should have a chance to do more than just that but that's the bar he'll have to clear first! I haven't the slightest inclination whether he'll be wonderful or not but I couldn't resist going with the world play for the title. Musk, Elon, get it? 😉

I wasn't fond of the first two picks by the Vikings but the six since have been promising and I have a feeling that my favorite is yet to come, so stay tuned!