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A Power Pick

Depending on who you hear from, the Vikings are said to have some of the best defensive line coaches in the league. I'm not going to dispute that but the first of three picks made over a four selection span may show to be fact. Big man Armon Watts was a one year wonder for the Razorbacks but the Defensive Tackle could prove to be more than that for the Vikings in the spot next to or vacated by Linval Joseph.

It would be a stretch to think that he'll make a big impact this year but part of the beauty of the draft is that guy's who are viewed one way turn out to be so much more in their first season. Gotta hope that being passed over the way he was will add a chip to his shoulders from the first practice of rookie camp while not taking away from the necessary level of coachableness! That's a bit of a tall order but as recently as Stefon Diggs the Vikings have benefitted from just such a pair of characteristics.