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A Packed Match

As the field at North High gets converted from grass to field turf, both the Football and Soccer teams have been nomadic so far this year. It's been simple for the 11 man as they've played their home games just down the road at the house of the herd. For the Soccer team, it's been a different story which on this night had them playing as the home team on the field of their longest time rival, Fargo South, against another long-time foe, West Fargo.

The Bulls scored within a minute of the clocking running and again late in the first half. Not long into the final 40 and they had netted three more goals to all but seal the win. The Spartans competed until the end and managed to knock the goose egg off the board but that was the extent of their success tonight.

You can find out all the goal scorers and exact details other places but what you won't find are the images I was able to capture!