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A Better Kris

Speaking of Mike Zimmer's excellence developing corners. With the first pick in the seventh round the Vikings added another Longhorn player to the squad. The obvious differences being that Kris Boyd was drafted and do not the have character concerns that Holton Hill possesses.

I talked about Marcus Epps possibly challenging Alexander, well the same is true of Boyd and maybe even more so even though he was selected that much later in the draft.

He had the 15th best 3 cone drill so his short area quickness may be good enough for him to get some time in slot while he blazed a 4.4 40 yard dash. At a touch under 6' tall, he may not be the best choice for outside work but he seems like the type of clay that could turn into a productive player for the Vikings.

If nothing else, all he has to do exceed the ground level bar established by Kris Dunn.

In short, this seems like another win for the Purple!