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Flying to the Finish

Lopsided victories are fun when one's preferred team is on the right side of the score. As a mostly neutral observer these days, I generally don't prefer them to happen. The one exception may be when the rout happens and is supposed to, sort of like the Joker said in The Dark Knight. That's the way that the girl's Basketball game between Climax/Fisher & Park Christian played out this evening.

The Falcons didn't have much to play for. They're already slotted into the section tournament as the #3 seed but could fall well short of their ambitions if a key player were to get hurt this week. But they also have to stay sharp as they look to go as far as they can. It's a delicate balancing act that I'm glad I'm not responsible to manage.

The Knight's came out and managed to get an early 3-0 lead on an and-1 so for a minute of game play, it was unknown whether things would play out as I anticipated. One whole minute, that's all that C/F could manage. Over the next 17 minutes, Park forced turnovers and managed their offensive possessions to the tune of a 28 - 5 run. The Falcons don't get credit for every turnover that happened, some were entirely unforced but whatever the reasons behind, the game fell their way in a hurry - according to plan.

If you don't get the reference, you're really missing out.

So the Falcons took the break with a comfortable lead and kept the game at a 30 point distance after resuming play. When the pressure stopped, the Knight's still had to figure out a way to score over the Falcons zone but could neither do that nor have much of any success getting a player to penetrate & score. The one success that they did have early & late was with shooting fouls. Of their 19 total points, 7 came from the free throw line. They did a good job capitalizing on that part of the game. As the saying goes though, it was too little, too late.

Lead by another 29 from Karley Motschenbacher, Park glided to a 36 point win. Six of her teammates chipped in, with Ashley Hansen's 9 leading the group.

Park 55, Climax/Fisher 19

Player of the Game

Karley Motschenbacher

Photo of the Game

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