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Trees on Fire

Before I lose the opportunity to say so naturally, Enderlin has a bright future. With a pair of 6'7"+ freshman on the roster, the window for them to be competitive in Region 1 is just opening. They'll do well to develop their post games and extend out from their. If they manage that, in conjunction with natural physical maturation, they would be a tough out. Thanks to Golden State, most of the young players are obsessed with hitting the three. It's good statistically but wouldn't be the most effective use of their natural advantage if not paired with mostly unmatchable post play.

But they're both just freshman and experience can make up the differences in measurables. Oak Grove was the team that could tout experience. They used that advantage to start the game on a 32 point tear. 32 points in 8 minutes. It was a ridiculously efficient start for the Grovers that they never had to look back from. Before the half had expired, their lead grew to 30 and would climb even higher before the game was done.

The Eagles were able to cut into the difference some when the reserves hit the floor & their three's started dropping. It proved to be too little, too late against the running clock in the fourth quarter. Enderlin finished with just as many double figures scorers as Oak Grove, including a game high 20 from Joe Hurlbert but the balanced offense that the Grovers mustered was too much. 12 different players scored for the home team, lead by 13 from Mayson Bolme & Noah Swenson, with another 10 from Tyrell Rodriguez.

It was a much more decisive victory than I saw coming, Oak Grove seems to have rounded into form at just the right time. They're pretty well slotted into the fourth seed of region 1. A slip up over the next few games and Milnor/ North Sargeant or Enderlin could catch them but the same could be said of the Grovers if Kindred, Richland & Central Cass aren't all able to take care of their business over the next few games. It'll be an exciting stretch run for the lot of the teams!

Player of the Game

Mason Bolme

I could just as well have given Noah Swenson the nod because he hit the shots that players are supposed to (free throws). I'm more inclined to give the edge to Bolme since his points came against active defense though. Well done to both!

Photo of the Game

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