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Bridges & Stangs

Mustangs, just like all animals, can be unpredictable. If left alone they aren't a threat but like all others below us on the hierarchy, they can be quite dangerous when provoked. On the other side, bridges sometimes collapse without warning. Which kind of sums up how the visit by the Valley City Hi-Liners to the Mustangs last night unfolded.

The first half was mostly under the control of Valley City. Sheyenne jumped out to a quick lead to start the game but their guests responded and held the lead through the break. The score vacillated over a four point margin but the Mustangs couldn't get over the hump before hitting the locker room.

The largest lead of the game for Valley City came shortly after returning to the court when they pushed their advantage to six points thanks to four quick points. A 30 second timeout by coach Hintz followed and lead to the result that finished the game.

Over the final 15 minutes of play, Sheyenne went on a 22 - 9 run that was followed by an 11 - 5 run. If you're doing the math, that's 33 - 14 in the second half. It was one of the most sudden turn around's that I can remember seeing. The better news for WFS may be that the surge didn't come from one player taking over. Seven players chipped in to the scoring with four getting at least five points in the half.

Even the way the fouls went flipped. In the first half, the calls overwhelmingly went the way of the Hi-Liners (11 shots to two). In the second, Sheyenne had 14 shots from the stripe to only five for Valley City. Which reinforces the feel that I had, that the Mustangs were playing better all game but just weren't getting the calls over the first 18. Which is to say that they weren't quite good enough to win 8 - 5 but ran away with it once it was 5 - 5.

Taryn Dieterle paced the way for everybody with 17 & Grace Scherr chipped in with eight but the balanced attack for West Fargo was too much for that duo to keep pace with. Maggie Manson finished with 13, while 11 from Yasmina Dokara was a close second and all six of the other scorers finished with at least four points. Balanced. Offense.

A win by Valley City would have made the second tier of the standings even more congested as these two, Shanley, Grand Forks Red River & West Fargo are all battling for the second spot in the wake of Devils Lake.. Which magnifies the win for Sheyenne as the season nears it's final month.

Player of the Game

Maggie Manson

Photo of the Game

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