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2019 Mock Talk 1

We're still a quarter of the year away from the NFL draft going off but with all the games that count now done, it's time to start talking about the festivities as they should unfold for the Vikings.

The compensatory picks haven't yet been awarded but the Vikes have already missed out on one good one since Bradford was cut loose by the Cardinals before he could manage to actually help the Vikings in a meaningful way. Even so, the Vikings should get a low round pick or two for some of the other guys that departed. As things stand today though, they're sitting at five picks. Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 would be of interest to Vikings faithful if the draft went off today.

There are too many variables yet to be known to say what the Vikings should do in late April, but I'm going to lay out how I would like it to unfold.

With the 18th pick in the 2019 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings should select the top offensive lineman on their board. No mystery here, and maybe even less originality since I (& basically every other Vikings fan with any sort of a platform) have been calling for the team to make it a priority for the last few years. The majority opinion should be heeded this time. Ideally it would be for a sure thing at the OT position but if it were a guard, I wouldn't bemoan it.

Beyond issues at the offensive line I think the clearest thing to be learned from the past season is that they were not one player away, unfortunately. So the second round pick will carry a lot of weight. One offensive lineman will not fix everything. Using the middle of the second round on a Tackle or guard would be well received by most of the fanbase. Myself included, but given the history of the organization I don't see that happening. So if not an OL then I would like to see them find a replacement for Anthony Barr. Finding that level of athlete 50 or so picks in, is a long shot but I'm not convinced it would take an athletic freak to do most of the things that Barr did for the Vikings. If they can find that guy it would help their cap and the new player wouldn't have near the level of expectation. It would be a fresh start for the position.

In the third round my goal would be to add either a running back, wide receiver or a tight end. It may seem high to use the third of five picks on a third or fourth receiver & Tyler Conklin came on late in the season but with Dalvin Cook still fairly unproven, Latavius Murray potentially leaving and Kyle Rudolph possibly being excised for financial reasons, going with an offensive weapon at that point would be a good call.

In the fourth round it should be a return to the offensive line well. A Center with Guard potential would be a welcome addition for the protection of Big Money. One thing I will say is that the Vikings SHOULD NOT trade down. It's worked sometimes and was a good strategy when the team was talent poor and just needed to throw darts & hope for the best. These are not those days. Find a guy for the offensive line at that point, the best guy you can & give him a call!

Saturday's other selection can be more of a shot in the dark. Maybe a safety if Sendejo is gone and you want more than Kearse to back up Smith & Harris - which you all should. Maybe a quarterback if Sloter hasn't shown enough to be penciled in as the backup. I would consider those options and others but at this point, I would lean towards and most likely settle on taking another offensive lineman to make 3 of the 5.

It's just a first approach to the 2019 draft for the Vikings but positionally, I think it would help the team get closer to where they were in 2017. Anything you adamantly disagree with?

I didn't throw out any names because I think it's too early for all that. If you want to get specifics I'd recommend Walter Football. They're already four rounds deep & have multiple mocks as well.

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