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Whistles Blow & One Team Rolled

A first half that included more fouls than points for far too long between West Fargo and Grand Forks Central ended in just as surprising a fashion, minus the annoyance.

Six minutes into the game and it was 7 - 0, West Fargo with 10 fouls already having been called. The Knights got on the board thanks to a bunny by Haley Gereau. Her teammates picked it up after the make, cutting it to a three point game halfway through the half. Grace Foltz knotted it up at 13's and Aubrea Lommen finished the early comeback with a pair of free throws to gave Central a two point lead. It last all of a minute before West Fargo regained their advantage, as one of the games stars showed up in the most meaningful way yet.

Grace Faiman for the Green banked in a three to give her team the four point lead back. By her facial expression, it was entirely an accident but made for a light moment during the contest.

Central managed to keep it a one or two possession game into the break. But after the intermission, everything changed.

West Fargo blazed back out of the locker room with an 11 - 3 run over the first 5 minutes of the game. They followed that up with a 14 - 5 run in three minutes of play that all but sealed the win. The Bulls hit nine three's in the half after only making two in the first 18 minutes. Three of the nine came from Faiman with another four coming from Brynn Giesen as she went on to lead all scorers with 16 points. That pair was joined in double figures by Chloe Pfau (10) & McKenna Becher (12) as the game became a boat racing.

Before the clock hit quad zero's Central found themselves down by 30 and more. Which is how the game concluded, a 32 drubbing that I certainly didn't see coming. If they were honest I don't think the coaches for West Fargo would even able to say they thought such a half was possible. But it happened once so maybe it's happened before and maybe it'll happen again. That's a good enough reason to make it to their play over the rest of the season, if you ask me!

Two halves of Basketball. Great in their own ways but also totally different. Except for the whistles, they blew early, late and often in between and I can't say that was great or good or decent.

Player of the Game

Brynn Giesen

Photo of the Game

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