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2019 Cobber 🏈

As seemingly a mirror opposite of their 5656cohorts, the Cobbers are coming back from a down season after a promising 2017 campaign. The running storyline each week, all year in the MIAC will be how St. Thomas goes about it's play. If they're dropping Benjamin's on everybody while giving up goose eggs, well then that in a weird way would reinforce the decision made by the presidents.

But the matter at hand is Concordia College.

Each of the three local college Football team's have questions to answer but the Cobbers may have the fewest. I wouldn't blame you if you called that preposterous considering the runs that both the Green & Gold and the Red & Black team's made just a year ago but with all the things that need to be found out about those team's, I don't think it's as outlandish as it may seem right away.

As with both other squad's, it starts with the guy lining up behind the Center.

It's mid August and the Cobber's roster still hasn't been updated for the 2019 season but quarterback Blake Kragness is primed to pick up right where he left off.

Due to the nature of division 3 athletics and because there isn't much else that can be gleaned from the available information, so speaking of any other position or player would be improper. That's less than ideal when trying to preview their season but it's not impossible. So here goes my best shot at it!

Following a 2018 run that only had one finish where the winning team was within 14 points of the loser, the first objective for the Cobbs should be consistency this Fall. Sure, it was great when they were on the right side of the blowouts but they were just as often on the other side of them. If I were to choose two games to pay especial attention to, I would first say the trip to St. Thomas, for reasons that I don't think need more analysis. Concordia wouldn't at the top of the list of probable team's to stop an undefeated season by the soon to be gone Tom's but as a measuring stick for the Cobb's entire season it will be worth monitoring.

As for a home game that should be focused upon, I don't think any will be more deserving than the visit by perennial powerhouse Wisconsin - Whitewater on September 14. Concordia gave them a good fight last season as they began 3-1 so maybe a change of venue could help make up for some of the difference in scoring. It's the home opener, so if you're not going to at least go to that one then why are you reading this?

Full disclosure, I'd still be shocked if Concordia won either one, but like I said, the main objective should be to try to be less up & down this year. In other words, keep games close even if they still end with an L. Losing by three may only be better than a 40 point loss in moral speak to some people but I see that as a gigantic difference. The talent is on the roster for a rebound season, but in case you hadn't picked up on it yet, those two games are BIG!

Moving on though

As I will with both of the other previews, here comes my end of season win/loss prediction. I don't think they will do worse than their 5-5 record from a year ago. If they're able to keep from falling behind two, three, four or five touchdowns than the odds of tipping the results in their favor increase immensely! When the snow's on the ground I'm thinking they'll be at worst a 6-4 squad with a chance at 7-3. If they can manage better than that then this Football season would have managed to be even more exciting then it already appears that it will be! That is quite a big if though, if I may say so myself.