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Pick Six: Colgate

The beta test continues this week.

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Beta #1

If you like one or both of those more than today's version, let me know! If you like this one more, let me know! If you think they could all be better, let me know how you think they could be! But on to the game.

As always, the worst comes first and the best comes last!

1_Even with as dominant as the Bison were today it was not all positive. That was as bad of an officiating job as we should ever have to suffer through, and we're just the fans. The painstakingly long reviews, the flat out wrong decisions and how they just seemed to be an extension of the committee trying to end NDSU's run of dominance, all of it was wrong about today's officiating.

As a championship operation, the players and coaches did a fantastic job not losing their heads about the terrible crew. Everything else is green the rest of the way today.

2_Jabril_This was an ordinary day for the future NFL linebacker. He didn't corral any interceptions. He didn't singlehandedly wreck the hopes & dreams of the opposing offense. But he still managed to show up in ways that were crucial for the Bison's success today. Six tackles with only one TFL is ordinary, but he's special to a degree that makes even that sort of performance one of the best parts of a dominant performance by Code Green.

3_Sticking it to them_You can see the Running Man Chronicles for analysis on Easton's running today. Add that mostly effective and mostly positive performance on the ground to an effective game through the air that could have been much more than just effective. He came within two passes that absolutely should have been caught of completing 85% of his passes. Even with the rob job by the officials and the finger tip drop by Sproles he completed 73% of his passes. I've wanted that all year. Gotta be honest that I didn't think it would happen against a one loss team that came in as one of the best defenses in the country! Then again, big time players make big time plays in big time moments. So 73% completing for 205 & three scores. Which puts him firmly in the group of a few players that could be considered the best part of the win. Now he gets to close out his time in the Fargodome against the border rival. That's a storybook ending if there ever was going to be one!

But let's keep moving shall we!

4_BRUUUUCE_If the Bison had needed it today, Bruce Anderson could have gone over 200 yards on the day. He averaged more than 10 yards per run and was the leading receiver today. So a 300 yards from scrimmage day could have happened with a play or two more, or with better officiating. On a different day he would be the best part of the game, that's how dominant the team was today!

5_Derrek Tuszka_I know there is some concern about what next year's team will look like. Today may be the best evidence of the year about how 19/20 will be. I already mentioned some of the guys of the future but Derrek Tuszka showed that he can be every bit the baton carrier of the edge rushing legacy for NDSU. The only thing that Tuszka's 2.5 sacks today don't include is how many more pressures he was able to put on quarterback Grant Breneman today. Regardless, it was a great performance by the junior sack artist.

He was only out done by one player who came as close to a legendary day that a guy can without actually getting it recorded in the book.

6_James Hendricks_Jimmie Football_Speaking of next year's great players. There aren't many days when a guy has chance to be within inches of three interceptions. Just having the wherewithal to be in the right spots to do what he came so close to doing today is special. So I'm giving him credit for the one that was stolen from him and for the other that he honestly should have hauled in.

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