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Taking it to the Hoop: Shanley Boys Basketball

There are still several weeks to go before we move inside and put our focus' on the Basketball court. The time will go by in a hurry so it's time to start previewing some of the local programs. So take a few minutes to hear from the coaches that were gracious enough to answer my questions!

The next coach that was kind enough to take some time & answer questions was Shanley's Andrew Burns. His team return to the court after a successful season in 2017/2018 but with some key players to replace.

Thanks again coach Burns!

The first thing I'm curious about is if there is a memory or two that really stands out as the highlight(s)?

"One accomplishment our guys should be proud of this past season is heading back to the state tournament for the second year in a row. It is never an easy task to get to state and always means you have to beat good teams to get there, which we were able to do again last year with big wins over Fargo South and Fargo Davies."

What about if you could go back & change a play or moment from last season what would it be and what would you have your players do differently?

"The one thing to change might just be how our first round matchup at state went. I think we settled in against Mandan in the second half but it ended up being a little too late. We responded well and played some of our best basketball the next couple of days to capture 5th place which was a great accomplishment for our guys!"

Jake Kava may be the best known of your most recent graduates but you had several key contributors move on from your program. Which of your returners do you think will step in to pick up some of that lost production?

"Our senior class last year helped the program so much throughout their years here. So while it's always tough seeing groups move on, there's a higher than usual amount of opportunities for new guys to step up and produce. I think that should be exciting for this group, to take that challenge on. We do have a great group of leaders coming back that will push our guys forward throughout the year and I’m excited to see who really does step up and is able to produce consistently at the varsity level."

Is there a certain facet of the game that you think will be the strength of your team come the first tip or even the first practice?

"I believe our ability to improve each day with our work ethic will benefit us on both ends of the floor. We have a bunch of guys that want to work hard and have success at the varsity level. Our defense has improved year after year and we hope to take a nice leap forward again with that this coming season and use that to our advantage."

Are there any goals that you and your players have in mind that you would be willing to share?

"As far as goals for the upcoming season; we always talk about competing each day in order to improve and play our best in February and March. I think this is a year where that couldn’t be more true, we will have to gain necessary experience throughout the season that will hopefully benefit us so we can win some big games come tournament time."

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