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Sunday Roundup


I may find the motivation to write about the game later, the despondency is real right now though so no promises.


Men's Golf got the week started from Fort Collins, Co but only managed sub 14 finishes by it's competitors. Not bad, but not especially good either. The Soccer team was next on the docket, with a couple games out in the islands of Hawaii. They beat Grand Canyon University in overtime 3 - 2 on Thursday, the winning goal coming from Mariah Haberle, her second of the day. The second game out West was against Hawaii, who protected their field 2 - 0.

In-between those matches the Volleyball team took to the court Friday & Sunday back in Fargo. First up was South Dakota then came Omaha but the score was the same after each ~ 3 - 2, visitors.

Which leaves the Football team. Check the Pick Six for my thoughts on the latest win by those fellas!


MSUM also teed up the week with time on the links. Their first of two 2 day tournaments ended with them rounding out the tenth spot while the second was even less positive, a 16th place finish.

Soccer & Volleyball each took the ball on Thursday, in Sioux Falls & Duluth respectively. Neither of their first games this week went the way they would want but each got a second chance. Volleyball was in St. Cloud on Saturday while the Soccer team traveled to Marshall MN, both returned to Moorhead as victors. The lone goal was scored by Tomoni Nishihara while Amanda Carlson lead the way with 19 Kills.

To top it all off the Football team rolled to a 48 - 20 win in Bismarck. Jakup Sinani passed for three touchdowns while running in another two. The team may be rounding into shape as much better than I predicted. Good for them!


Make this three for three on the collegiate Golfer front. Like their bigger neighbors, the Cobbers Golf teams started the week but with two very different differences - the results. The men's team took first and the women's rounded out the top three in their contingent. The Cobbs did not manage to go three for three on Monday however as the Volleyball team fell 3 - 0 to Mayville State.

When the Volleyball team returned to the court on Thursday they were the ones to do the shutting out against Macalester. The tie breaker came Saturday night and they got the same treatment as on Monday. Along with that loss there was also a full slate of other Fall sports for Concordia.

Both Golf teams took to the tee boxes once again for events that are on going. The women's Soccer team blanked Hamline while scoring three goals, each from a different lady. Both of the Cross Country teams made race, with the men taking fourth and the women claiming seventh. The men's Soccer team fell one to zero to Hamline and the Football team blew Hamy's doors off 55 - 0. Blake Kragnes threw for two scores and ran for another two on way to the final score route. The last result of the week was another loss by the women's Soccer team, two to one to Wisconsin-River Falls.

That's about enough on all the colleges I'd say. Now onto the most annoying and unnecessarily dramatic regional sports topic of the week.


I've been trying to wrap my head around how the organization has gone from youthful, full of optimism and generally on the right track to being a total disaster. Maybe it comes down to simply being a matter of having a coach with too much power that has never shown a propensity for adaptation. I don't like it. I dislike it, adamantly, so much so in fact that it's crossed my mind to jump ship and become a Jazz fan. Temptation is only a problem when acted upon and I plan on not acting on that but the Wolves sure aren't making it easy.

When they make the move on Butler they should be able to get a similar return as the Spurs did for Kahwi. That's the light at the end of this tunnel, at least for me. I want to rant about it but with the Vikings in a 27-0 hole there isn't a single thing right on the pro landscape in Minnesota and so my ire is spread thin.

High School Sports

Scheduling & weather left it to a one game week but the Park Christian Falcons got the Friday Night Spotlight and made up for some of the missed play!

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