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Sunday Roundup


I'm tempted to exceed the pick six for the Vikings off a bad showing yesterday but it's only the pre-season so I'll leave it at what I already said about the team and game. So check it out!

College Talk

It's a rainy Sunday but the work continues. Concordia was out on the field during the early afternoon and they are not the only one's getting after it as school's start draws near. I made my win/loss guess for each of the three last Sunday and nothing has happened to drastically alter those predictions. If you missed it, go back to the last Roundup!

I'm glad that none of the young men have yet suffered serious injuries playing the game and as long as that continues, my guesses will remain the same. If Concordia & MSU exceed what I think will happen, GREAT! Winning moves the needle and I'm all for an increase in the number of great stories to follow as Fall is starting!


The Redhawks have stayed white hot, sometimes winning with offense and other times with pitching. The latter was how they managed to split a two games series against St. Paul. Starting pitcher Trey McNutt fanned 14 Saints on the way to an 8-4 win on the East side of the cities. The pressure for wins grows by the day for the Redhawks as they sit in third in the division but a sweep & some good fortune could get them to first.

So the cliche that every win counts is more than just a cliche over the next few weeks. After a series against the current bottom feeders in the North, the Hawks will play four in three days in Gary, the current leader in the division. I don't think it's overly hyperbolic to say that those four games will all but define the remainder of their season. Get swept or even split and their position will be set. Win and the chance to take the top spot would still be completely viable!

All that to say that while the gridiron is taking center stage, you might want to look elsewhere for the next couple weeks!

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