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Sunday Roundup


Through preseason game 1 and no season altering injuries, not during the game at least. And I can't and won't say that one offensive lineman's season long absence is season defining so things are pretty rosey in the nation of Skol. For the full Pick Six from #1 click the link!

College Football Talk

For the briefest of times, all three of the collegiate Football teams are on an equal footing. Each has arrived at their campus and begun the work of preparing for their season. Absent injuries there isn't a lot to say about any of the three right now. Sure there are predictions and projections by sports people on an every week basis but you can find their stuff through many other sources. What you can't find is my official record prediction for each of the teams. Until now that is!

NDSU ~ 11-0

I would like to put my finger on a highest possible loss but with 7 of the 11 going down in the doom dome I just don't see them losing a regular season game this year.

MSUM ~ 3-8

How they do against Crookston to start the year will be a major indicator of whether they can get to and surpass a 1/3 winning percentage this season. If they drop it, they could go winless. They have one more home game than away so that could help them but I'm not optimistic about their chances this season.

Concordia ~ 6-4

The Cobbers will also have an early season game with defining characteristics. Not because they'll be playing a terrible team but because they'll be playing a perennially great program. A win over Wisconsin Whitewater would bode very well for the team in their eight games after it. There are too many question marks at this stage for me to go higher than a six win season but avoiding an 0-2 start would be imperative.

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