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Sunday Roundup


Walking the razor thin line at offensive line may have already come back to bite the team. With a new quarterback behind them, three of the five projected starters have already missed time. Time that is crucial in the development of cohesion and trust. Double down on it with the fact that it's not like they're subbing in high round guys. I don't know if I'll ever understand the teams aversion to making the line as strong as every other position on the team but if those guys don't get back on the field in a hurry it could sink everything. That's not hyperbole, injuries to the line could derail the Super Bowl aspirations of this team! It's the most


Fargo's prime team also commenced with their camp. It's at a point that we could count in hours not days since the Fooball team got on the field so the fact that no injuries have been reported shouldn't be a surprise but should still be appreciated. As the past has shown, injuries can come at any time so I'm just glad that none have yet happened...let's keep that way! For the Bison, Dragons, Cobbers, Vikings and every high school player who will put in the effort so soon, cheers to good health!

In the mean time, go check out part one of the team preview!


Speaking of MSUM, August 30 is their time under the lights this year. That will come as quickly as it sounds but beyond that there isn't much to say. It's not too late to check out the team preview though!


Last but not least amongst the collegiate's, Concordia is also getting primed for their run at a national tournament appearance. There's a lot of unknown with the Cobbers Football team but you can check out their team preview as well.


So they lost a series. It was bound to happen. Along the way they managed to take three out of four from St. Paul so a bit of a let down shouldn't raise any red flags! Especially considering bottom feeding Chicago comes to town tomorrow. They're still very much on track as they embark on three more at home before going away for nine straight games. A sneaky thing to pay attention to is how the team performs in the wake of the departure of one of it's best players (the Diamondbacks acquired the rights to Sebastian Kessay). Almost assuredly there will be a decline in the pitching staff's numbers but it's too early to say how much of an impact. It's just something to pay attention to down the stretch.

High School Sports

Check out the first of this year's "Forewords to Football." Beyond that, all's quiet on this front for another two weeks.


The season ended in Iowa. One game from the championship round, the Stampede ran over Fargo. Neither of the semi-final matches were particularly close so I doubt it would have made a difference for Fargo but they showed that they didn't have a chance against the number one seed. They served their purpose so even though one more week would have been totally fine, it's time for the younger men to take the spotlight!

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