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Sunday Roundup



Okay, I know it's just a bunch of guys running around without any pads on and kind of just playing patty cake with each other. Nonetheless, practices have begun. The Purple are back and looking to be better than ever. It should go without saying that it was a tough week for them with the loss of Tony Sparano but the team has made good decisions in the wake of it as they have to move forward. There have already been a lot of video clips & tweets about the one full team practice that took place and there will likely be many more over the days to come but the main point is, IT'S BACK!


Another week, another Football team preview.

Beyond talk of the future, MSUM has announced that a couple of their Basketball players will be part of division 2 teams playing in Brazil. It's a cool feather in the cap of both the men's and women's team as they each look to establish themselves on the national stage!


In case you missed it, I put together a team preview for the 2018 Cobbers Football team.


While that team with the T & C logo works their implosion into a fever pitch, Fargo's finest Baseball team has kept it rolling this week! In six games against Winnipeg going back to last week they only dropped one. In between those series they dropped one in Chicago but sweeps are not going be the norm no matter how good they get. But they did finish up the latest week of good play just that way, taking all three in Winnipeg. The reward for the streak of success? A 10 game home stand. 10 GAMES!

It couldn't have come at a better time as they sit a single game behind Gary for first in the north division and with a .5 game lead over St. Paul. That could get as high as a 4.5 game lead by the weekend depending on how the team performs when St. Paul arrives for a four game series starting Monday.

In other words, get up to the ball park!


After their long layoff, I wasn't sure how the Summer Football team would look against the #5 seed in the playoffs. Well, for one game they answered the bell in pretty resounding fashion. They beat up on Northland to the tune of a 29 - 7 victory. That's better then I would have guessed which may bode well for the Invaders as they travel to Sioux City for a semi-final showdown. Taking down the #1 seed seems like a much taller task but they're coming off a bye week so maybe the rust will have been knocked off and they'll be ready to go.

If quarterback Nick Jackson throws another three interceptions, it could be a very short night of possibility.

However it goes on Saturday, they made it into the second round once again, giving themselves a chip, chair and chance to break through to the championship game.

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