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Sunday Roundup 7/15/18


It should have come as a surprise to exactly 0 people that pay attention to the team but Jimmy Butler rejected the team's 4 year, 110 million dollar deal because he can get at least 30 more million and possibly another year on the deal next summer. Unless he goes the way of Demarcus Cousins, it's a completely unsurprising decision. So while the hand wringing is deserved based on the fact that he is still very unlikely to remain a member of the Timberwolves past the season, the current rejection is not directly related to what happens in the future.


The one professional Baseball team worth following for those of us in the F/M/WF area has continued their run of recent quality play. After a four game sweep of Winnipeg, they took care of Wichita and have put themselves into position to at least split another four gamer in Sioux Falls. As the season winds towards it's final month it will be imperative that they continue to play as cohesively as they have lately, down the stretch. However that all goes though, the Hawks are giving plenty of reason for people to get out to Newman on every occasion, especially as the temperature cooperates!

High School Sports

I may be wrong but I think that the Summer's run of all star games in North Dakota reached it's pinnacle this week and has now concluded. Four Basketball games over Monday & Tuesday then a pair of Football games last night. Even though I cared not at all about the final results of any of the contests, each one had moments worth viewing and capturing. To that end I used them as a spring from which the newest part of the website could be launched. So go check out the photos now


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