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Sunday Roundup, Gloomy Summer Edition


The only upside to being one of the worst teams in the worst division in the MLB is that tickets to the ballpark are CHEAP. Be fortunate enough to pair one of those single digit dollar tickets with a unicorn like offensive explosion and you should head straight to the gas station to buy a lottery ticket because it's just your day.

Every other day at the ball park should be met with a hard pass. Because not only do the Twins have a less than 5% chance of catching Cleveland for the division, they apparently don't even have guys that other teams would be interested in trading for. Maybe Kyle Gibson but he's been mostly good this year. Maybe the "insiders" will be wrong and teams will make some offers that no one sees coming...but how can a person predict that which is unseen???

So the Twins are pretty much worthless and it's barely July. That's better than it's been in some seasons but still leaves a lot to desire. So if you like being at the ballpark, buy a cheap ticket and maybe you'll get paid off. More likely at this point is that the team will disappoint though. And they aren't even the worst thing to come out of the twin metro.


It seems as though we have reached the point where the snowball rolling down the hill is able to move on it's own and is growing in size by the second. Such is the proverbial situation that the Wolves are in with Jimmy Butler. Sunk costs:

"is a cost that an entity has incurred, and which it can no longer recover by any means. Sunk costs should not be considered when making the decision to continue investing in an ongoing project, since these costs cannot be recovered."

So in other words, fans should come to a place of not bringing up the surrender of three rotation guys for a player that is better than any of the three but also seems to just not like people. He complained about guys in Chicago and now he's complaining about the highest profile players on his current team. Maybe the Howl should just rip the band aid off and trade him for whatever they could get. Brandon Ingram anyone?

No...well, I'd say that's the best the team could get for Butler at this point but I don't see the penguin giving up his guy. Future damage not withstanding and there will be damage if the team just lets him walk out the door though maybe it would be the catalyst to getting a coach that can more natural deal with the young high-enders that will be here for years to come. Idk...but I do know that it's such a rough time to be a fan of the pro sports teams in Minnesota.

My gut feeling is that this will bleed over in the Vikings season and that would make 2018 a terrible sports year!


The fireworks extended beyond the Fourth this year. After dropping a pair of games to the Saints going into the mid week holiday, they fired off four rockets that did not disappoint. While scoring 33 runs the Redhawks only surrendered 13. If one of the four games had gone wrong then that would have been enough runs by Winnipeg to win one, but when stretched out over the four, that wasn't nearly enough!

The key now is to turn a nice accomplishment into a trend. String together a few series where both the pitching & the offense are working sharply and they will find themselves in fine standing for the American Association post season. The next opportunity to make it a trend comes tomorrow as the Hawks start a seven game road trip in Wichita. However those games go though, getting the four was a splendid way to close out a holiday week!

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