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Invaders Go Air Raid

The statistics wouldn't say it, they wouldn't even create the impression of it in the mind of someone who wanted them to be of an "Air Raid" variety but with an average at best running game, the team made quick work of the Med City Freeze. The first touchdown pass by quarterback Ja'Vonte Johnson was also the only score of the first quarter. It, like two others in the second quarter, went the way of big Jon Baune. The longest of the three may have only been 36 yards but that's due in part to the great field position that the offense was in because of the defense.

And even though there were more than a couple elements of the game experience that reminded me of "The Replacements" the defense was not one of them. The guys clearly liked to fly around and put the hit on the other teams offense. Along the way they racked up seven sacks, four forced fumbles and three INTs. That's the way to win a Football game!

I only wonder how the statistics would have been different if the Freeze had managed to compete. They were clearly overmatched by the home team in their Shanley debut! With the 35 - 0 half time, the strategy changed to protect the lead. So it wasn't a crazy high amount of yards, or points for that matter, I'm going ahead and calling it an air raid day by the Invaders

It's just one game so I can't bring myself to say they'll bring home another NEFL title but if the offense can repeat yesterday's performance with the kind of defense that they appear to have, then it's well within the realm of possibility!

Not that that's a lot of talk about em but enough of the words, here's the pictures! 🔽

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