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Sunday Roundup

Happy Mothers day!

Sports are fun and I like talking about em to the extreme that I started this website but first things first!

But now, onto the sports!


Saturday's are for champions. Bison are champions. So Saturday's are for the Bison. Simple math!

Let's dig into it a little bit though.

The lead story as far as I'm concerned is Spring's dynasty - the Softball team. They won the regular season title to secure the 2019 Summit League tournament at the NEllig and also gave themselves one more day in between the regular season & the playoff this year. When they took to the diamond on Thursday it was Jacquelin Sertic shutting down Omaha while the offense run ruled em in five innings. The ladies followed that up with a showdown against SDSU on Friday. With a win they would have put themselves one win away from the championship. Well Sertic did it again and even though the offense didn't explode to the same level, they didn't have to! That's what having a true ace will do for a team! Which left them one win away from an NCAA tournament regional. The Jacks came back to win later on Friday so it was a rematch on Saturday afternoon. A new day and another chance but the same results. It's more than a little crazy that a pitcher can go out three days in a row and throw the ball more than a 120 times but that's exactly what NDSU got from their Nevada ace. Twins fans may think it's blasphemy but I think it's too perfect to not call her BlackJac!

And the winning extended far beyond the Softball diamond.

Both the men's and women's Track & Field teams took to the field and the track to put themselves into the national events a few weeks from now. The men won the 10th title of the last 11 while their female counterparts made it 11 in a row. First place's and personal best's littered the list for both halves of the team to such a degree that I'd have to put at least another 150 words into this section just to cover it all. Instead, I'm just going to encourage you to check out the full stories on gobison.com!




Oh the sweetness of resurgence! Riding the waves of the MLB season in the same way that it's done during the NFL season has already shown itself to be a mistake. A season that is more than 10x longer then the Football season is the greatest reason in my opinion that it should be approached different. Now just as I start to buy into the winning it may go pear shaped again but they took two from the ever competitive Cardinals and came one good at bat away from extra innings at least but were instead walked off against by the Angels. That left them with a split against the halos. Keep it up!


The drama and uncertainty persists around the Howlers but it doesn't seem as though any shake up is coming this year...at least in terms of the front office and coaching staff. Trades, signings & the draft are yet to come and may flip the whole situation on its head. For now it's just rumors and speculation while a myriad of would be players come to town for their team workouts.


The final results from the Northern Sun Track & Field championship haven't yet been posted but that was all that was left for the fire breathers athletic year.


The Corncobs Baseball season technically ended against NDSU in a 10 - 0 slaughter but even in the self equalizing game that is Baseball it was never going to go well for the Maroon clad. I don't fault Chris Coste for pitting his team against the best in the RRV but I also don't think it would have been a mistake to end the year with a doubleheader sweep over Macalester.

The Track & Field teams had a good first day at the MIAC championship but fell to eighth place finishes in both halves of the team on Saturday. I don't want to pile on, so I'll leave it at that.


I still hold the line that Hockey should not be played at this point in the year by anyone outside of those who live on the Poles. I can accept having a championship series in mid May though. That the Fargo Force are in said championship is pretty great actually! They came out strong on Friday night with a 4 - 1 win over Youngstown but stumbled to an overtime loss on Saturday. In a best of five series it will be imperative for the Force to take back home ice when they strap on the skates Friday night in Ohio. As fun as it would be to have them raise the cup in Fargo, taking care of business before the series reached it's final game would be optimal. That's far from a revolutionary take but is just straight up fact.


Fargo's semi-amateur Football team started their league schedule. after a couple weeks off, with a trip to Burnsville. They snuck by the Warriors for a five point win in relatively low scoring fashion. Many of the points that were put up came in big play fashion so I'd put a Jackson down that they'll have more games in the 40's+ than the low 30's over the remainder of their season. The weather may get hot but off that idea, it may be watchable football when they return to the Cichy on June 2. Between now and then they've got one more deruster in Iowa on the 19th.


They've got the bases covered for exhibitions. With NDSU still finishing out their schedule, the Red birds have given their fans the chance to take in some free Baseball. It's a fair trade off since they were playing in well-below-their-normal facilities. Not much else to say just yet but the season is coming quickly!

High School Sports

On a dandy of a Fall evening I decided to take in some Baseball between Fargo South and West Fargo Sheyenne. Problem is that it's still barely Summer. I wrote about it here so no more spoilers! 😄

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