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A Friday for the Fans

Friday night's are typically, automatically associated with high school Football, at least in America. But in the Spring and May specifically, even in a town as Football minded as Fargo, the calendar is about as far from the gridiron as it gets. But tonight, if only for the one night, it's a Friday that stacks up pretty well with those September, October & November nights.

In truth, the night started shortly after Noon as the Bison Softball team took to the diamond against rival SDSU. The offensive stats of the season tilted heavily in the favor of the blue clad while the pitching advantage was clearly on the side of the host ladies. A great chess match that lived up to the promise, for NDSU! Jacquelin Sertic was her usual dominant self. Seven innings of no hit Softball with 15 strikeouts. DOMINANT! And it wasn't like she was throwing against some shlubby division three school.

No, South Dakota State had one of the best seasons hitting in the whole country of division one. So the Spring dynasty managed the best of the day but there is a whole lot more on the table that could be just as delectable.

The second best offering of today's feast depends on perspective. For the insatiable fans of diamond play it would probably have been the twin billing at the school in the old South part of town. West Fargo versus anyone is worth the time, in either Baseball or Softball. Tonight it was the Bulls Baseball against the Bruins.

For the Hockey fans amongst us, it won't get much better than the Force going for a championship. Starting tonight against Youngstown they seek to join the championship ranks in the Fargo - Moorhead area. As the higher seed, they'll have the advantage in the series but tonight will be a key first step.

So whichever sport and activity floats your boat, it has already been a day to satisfy the most rabid of fans. It won't be enough for some people, but then there are always people who want something different. Make no mistake though, today already has been and currently is a great day for fans in the Valley! The only downside is that we won't get many more days like this until late in the year.