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Sunday Roundup

With the best day of the year so far, in terms of temperature, today I'm going to be as brief as possible while still hitting on the highlights.


The hoofs and horns were on full display this week.

Both the Baseball and Softball teams finally got to debut at home. Crazy that it wasn't until close to May that they would get to play ball in Fargo but maybe it was too their benefits. Who wants to be outside to watch or play when it's 40 degrees outside. Answer: No one. When it's 55 - 75, it's a much different deal!

But the number one story for the Bison, as always, was what happened with the Football team. With the NFL draft unfurling from Thursday to Saturday it was a big weekend for the latest group of great players. None were drafted this year but several have already either signed undrafted deals with teams or accepted invitations to participate in rookie mini camps. As a Vikings fan I'm pumped that there is finally a Bison player connected to the Kings of the North! He being Austin Kuhnert, in case you hadn't heard.


I gave my impressions of the Vikings draft picks on a pick by pick basis already. You can check em out from the main page. Suffice it to say that I wasn't overwhelmed by who they selected but they gave themselves plenty of chances to find the next Adam Thielen or John Randle with all the guys that came into the fold after the draft.


The Twins have done a great job of making my season record prediction a few weeks ago and my prediction one week ago that they would compete with the Indians all year VERY incorrect. I guess I wasn't wrong when I said that they should have stayed in Puerto Rico! It can't get much lower than losing a series to the Reds so maybe it'll improve from here. If it does somehow get worse than that just call it a season.


The Force dropped game one of the Western Conference Final last night but have a chance to pull even with Waterloo tonight. For those who don't have any plans and like watching local Hockey in late April head over to Scheels Arena right now (puck drops at 5 pm).


Fargo's semi-amateurs kicked off their summer slate on Saturday night. They'll spend the month of May playing in the Burnsville & Sioux City before returning to Shanley for the first two games in June. I'll never envy those men strapping on the pads in the heat of summer but in the cool of April they provided the heat, scoring 42 points while giving up 0. If they do that all year then another championship for the Invaders could be on tap!

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