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Dissecting the Draft

In the build up to the draft, I had a simple goal for the Vikings of drafting at least three players that could make an impact in 2018. I don't mean getting a couple tackles on special teams, even though that would technically count as making an impact. The exception to that would be if the player managed to lead the team in ST tackles and also got a turnover or was tremendous at limiting returns.

What I would hope they work themselves into is guys that make plays on offense or defense. Keeping the QB upright as an offensive lineman. Getting into the backfield to stop big plays or to sack the Quarterback as a d - lineman. Getting an interception, or multiple, as a defensive back or linebacker. Gaining yards, making catches and scoring touchdowns as an offensive skill position player. You get the point.

So how do those expectations/hopes stack up to how things have gone in the draft? We won't know that until the games are played. I'm a big believer in allowing two seasons to be played out before making a bunch of hard judgements on players. Doesn't mean that immediate and quicker reactions can't be right but in fairness to the young men, I think 32 games is an appropriate sample size for fans. So sorry Laquan, you're a bust. That said, I got some takes on the newest additions to the Purple covenant.

Round 1 - Mike Hughes (CB)

Full transparency, I didn't think that the Vikings would or needed to fortify the corner position until one of their sixth round came around. The depth is a little suspect for the team with Newman still unsigned and Alexander having been underwhelming over his first 32 games but first round picks aren't for depth. At least not primarily for depth.

So I wasn't fist pumping or jumping around at the selection. Not that excitement is any indicator of anything cuz I was really excited when the team drafted Quon. But then I started hearing more about the guy & thinking about what it could mean.

First things first, I love that it's another step towards prolonged shutting down of Aaron Rogers & the Packers. If he can develop to even just the level that Waynes played to this past season, the Vikings would have one of the most elite cornerback groups in the NFL. And for years to come!

But the team is very determined to take a long form approach to their CB development. So how might the top pick make an impact on the field from day 1?

I think it may come at the expense of one Marcus Sherels. Sherels has been counted out every year of his professional life so I'm not about to say that he's just going to roll over but if the younger guy can match stride for stride with the best Gopher player to come out in quite some time then I would say the chips will slide toward the former Gator.

Is it what I was hoping for? No, not really at all, but I think he could be a good player and may be able to do some good work for the team from rookie camp on through to February!

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