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Vikings RFMD

RFMD - Rapid Fire Mock Draft

Gonna keep all the predictions as short and sweet as possible. Two weeks ahead of the draft I'm less interested in naming specific guys than I am in identifying the positions that could use infusions! Still disinterested in trying to hypothesize which trades the Vikings will make. There will be movement but which, when and with who is anyone's guess...I just don't feel like guessing!

Round 1, 30th overall Considering all the moves that have already been made, reinforcing the offensive line is the A #1 priority for the Vikes going into the draft. Be it tackle or guard all that matters is that the good gets better!

Round 2, 62nd overall This is where it will get less cut & dry. OL, DT, LB, DE, RB, CB, WR, TE, S, - in order of priority - are positions that could use more talent. Of all those options I'd say that linebacker makes the most sense in the second round - if they don't double down on offensive line.

Round 3, 94th overall After Joseph & Richardson, DT gets shallow on talent. 2018 isn't projected to be a strong year for pass rushing DT but finding a diamond in the rough has been a specialty of the ops and this year will no different. So why couldn't it be with the 94th!

Round 5, 167th overall If they don't go OL in the 2nd & 3rd then it would be almost assured (& quite imperative) to be the choice in the 5th. The odds are better of finding a functional G this late than are the odds of finding a T but the decision will depend on which they get in the first round. Either way, two of the first four should be Cousins protection.

Round 6, 204th overall Cook & Murray are the only horses currently in the backfield. With McKinnon gone, a new 3rd runner is needed. In another deep class of backs, using one of the 6's on the position makes sense. I say address it with the earliest pick.

Round 6, 213th overall The Vikings are still strong off the edge but keeping it strong is crucial. Finding another DE that could contribute to the rotation at this point would be like finding a forgotten $50 in your pocket.

Round 6, 218th overall With all the draft capital invested in the CB position over the last few years I don't think it's justifiable to use another mid or high pick on it this year. BUT with some uncertainty in it's depth, getting another player for that room would at least provide Alexander insurance.

Round 7, 225th overall

With the last pick the Vikes could go TE or S justifiably. With my final cents, I'd say put those off til next year and instead put one more investment into the offensive line. Best player available works at all stages of the draft but the later, the better. So T, G or C taking the highest rated one left would be the best bet.

Like I said, I think that Tight-End and Safety can wait til next year's draft. I wouldn't be surprised if they bring players of each type in the scrum of the post draft. Ditto that with the wide receiver position.

I've previously said that I'd like to see them draft a receiver and my mid to late round target would be the big man out of Pittsburgh - Jester Weah. With Thielen, Diggs & Wright as the top three, the former first rounder around for at least one more season plus a couple other young guys who could step up as soon as camp commences I no longer see it as a draft imperative position.

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