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Sunday Roundup


The Bison managed to squeeze in a double doubleheader on the precipice of the weekend. With the exception of a one run loss on the latter of the Softball team's double feature, both of the diamond miners did well in their games. Due to weather all the other scheduled activities were cancelled.

Beyond the normal, this week started the Bison Bracket. In case you're unaware of what that is, check it out!


It's still too early in the season to have many firm opinions about the 40 strong but a couple that I do have is that Berrios is a force of nature from the mound. He needs to show that he can maintain that level of command for a full season but it's been tremendous so far! Another early observation is that the Twins still don't hit home runs at the best times. They've got PLENTY of power but hitting with men on base is still a bit lacking.

I had yet to make a prediction about what I think their win/loss record will be. Well, now is the time! I think the Twins will finish with a 92 - 70 record. Might be lofty but I think it's well within reach if all the piece's can manage to perform at their floors.


Two games to go. Part of me wants the team to miss the playoffs so that the greatest odds of the coach getting axed come to be. But the rest of myself wants them to finally kill that streak, come what may of their first playoff experience! It's just the latest in a long line of stupid circumstances that the Wolves have put their fans in! Thank you for nothing.


The main theme for the collegiate's was cancellations - again. So it was with the Dragons. Unlike with NDSU, they managed to play their away games for the most part and had the advantage of indoor play but they still got bit. The Softball play that did happen may have left fans wanting more cancellations with a quartet of lopsided defeats, first to SW MN then to Sioux Falls. Not awesome.

Beyond the diamond, the Tennis team continued their tremendous season. It wasn't a 100% success because they did fall to the rackets of Winona State but that came on the heels of a perfect win over Upper Iowa and as the old saying goes, you can't win em all! As with the Women's Basketball team before them, it will all come down to how they perform in the NSIC Championship and beyond! That's a couple weeks away but they've got plenty of time to prepare now!


Rounding out the dropped ops was the little engine that couldn't. Of 22 scheduled events, all but six were "postponed" or cancelled outright. The six that did happen included a narrow victory by the Men's Tennis team over St. Olaf, a pair of shut out losses by the Softball team on Saturday when they couldn't managed to overcome any of the three runs that they allowed and a five point loss by the Women's Tennis team. The Softballers followed up those narrow losses with two where they gave up 16 runs while only scoring one. That's not better, in case you weren't aware.

Eventually the weather will change and maybe the results for all the school's along with it. For now, it's a grind!

High School

Speaking of that Winter related grind, the high school's around are in a total holding pattern until they can get outside and play. When that happens is anyone's guess but the wait is terrible for me so I can only imagine what it's like for the players themselves!

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