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Sunday Roundup


Baseball and Softball accounted for a majority of the play by the Bison. While the fastpitch bunch continued to take part in jamborees, the Baseball team got into conference play already. The highlights for each featured a victory over #10 ranked LSU by the SB team and a sweep of Fort Wayne by BB. If those results can springboard them into the rest of their seasons then they would be even better than they already seem!

Beyond the base paths, NDSU had athletes getting after it in California (Track & Field) and Men's Golf (Florida). The linksmen finished twelth while both the men's and women's T & F teams had success on the West coast. For the full listing of all the outcomes, check out the source.


There's still work to be done but team Howl got the first of the necessary accomplishments checked off this week. A guaranteed finish of no worse then 41 - 41. With the slate of games that they have left in the regular, finishing at "only" .500 would be a major disappointment! That's a part of the merited high expectations that are on them now and I couldn't be happier about it!


Short and to the point, MSUM was down to Tennis this week. It started with a cancelation of play against Morris but was followed by Bemidji State on Saturday and Crookston on Sunday. After tallying a 7-2 win on Saturday they did even better to the tune of a 9-0 win today. There are many more numbers that could be shared to show just how good they were this weekend but the one that wraps it all up in a bow is this: they're 13 - 2 on the season with only two more matches to go before the post season tournament.


Continuing the theme of racket talk, the Cobbers men's Tennis team went perfect in their play this week while the women's team got shut out. That's pretty much a microcosm of the way their season's have gone.

Between Sunday and Sunday it became all about the pitching and hitting. Softball started off scorching with an 11-1 win to start a four game set in West St. Paul but then dropped the remaining three while only scoring six more runs. For their part, the men got shut out to close out their three games of midweek action but had preceded that with a pair of victory that saw them score 6 and 8 runs. So to sum it up, the men had a much better week than their female counterparts across corncob land!

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