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Player Reaction: Sheldon Richardson

Here's a recording of the initial reaction to the news that the defensive front was going from a 7 or 8 to a 9+:

But as they say to youngsters, use your words.

Okay. I will!

First though, here's yesterday's reaction to the Cousins signing!

Okay, here we go!

Free agency has been live for signings for 49 hours and while the Purple have only come to terms with two free agents, has any team made more moves of that caliber of the Vikings? I say no. A starting quarterback and a defensive tackle. But not just a top 32 quarterback, Kirk Cousins is a top nine guy in my estimation. And the new defensive tackle is a former top half of the first round selection only five years ago.

The length of the contract clearly means that the team wasn't interested in sacrificing more things in the future but had the money and needed some help in the present. A good rule that teams should live by is to get splashy when you can and do it wisely! That doesn't always work but is way more attractive and effective than just playing fantasy football or refusing to signing guys for fear of getting burned.

As far as Sheldon Richardson goes, he should slide in right next to the Kool - Aid man to wreak some havoc against guards and centers. Go ahead, try to double team anybody on that front! See what happens! SACKS on SACKS on SACKS! Oh, the QB managed to get rid of the ball fast enough? Hits, hurries, pressures. It's ALL GOOD in this hood!

And beyond everything that he brings to the team in terms of production it means that the team can have a wider perspective going into the draft. The way I see it, next to quarterback, a pass rushing defensive tackle was the #1 need for the team. Speculation is that the 2018 crop of prospects to fit that role isn't too deep but now they can just draft best available. Hopefully that turns out to be an offensive line man but whatever the letters in parentheses end up being of that draft pick, it was a smart signing in several different ways! If the rest of free agency goes the way it has so far, the Vikings will be in even better shape than their 13 - 3 record from this last year!

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