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Player Reaction: Kirk Cousins

The Vikings got their guy!

He was the one I wanted them to sign but wasn't sure how all the financials would work out. There's been a bunch of talk about the cost for an "average" quarterback so I'm going to address that piece of it first. In no particular order these are the QB's that I would definitely take over KC. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Ben roethlisberger, Matthew Stafford, Russell Wilson & Aaron Rodgers. Brady and Brees are in the twilights of their careers but getting all time greats at any point before they completely fall off the cliff is a good call. In addition, I would take Matt Ryan and Cam Newton but I don't think they're better than Cousins. So that's eight guys as good or better than Cousins. I would categorize Carr, Mariota, Winston, Garoppolo, Manning, Keenum, and Rivers as around but below the former Spartan.

So up til now I had considered him a top 10 - 12 quarterback. After breaking it down that way I guess I was short changing him somewhat. It's all subjective and a couple of the guys that I think are below him now could surpass him. Some of those very veteran guys will be turning in their papers soon too so it about evens out. So while I don't love the fact that it requires so many millions of dollars guaranteed, it comes with the position and is a result of the organizations inability to find a starter level quarterback that can stay healthy. When he's slinging passes all across the yard and handing it off to Dalvin to set up the play action pass, we will all celebrate the decision. Actually no, there will be some people who never will, and I've heard from them on Twitter, but most will enjoy the production and success.

This is one of the biggest free agent signings that the Vikings have ever made. Ya know what, let me take it one step further. This is the biggest signing that they've ever made. I hope it pans out. I'm tempted to make a prediction about the kind of stats that I think he'll put up right out of the gate but wins and losses will be what defines it as a success or failure.

That's all for times future. In the present, there's nothing left to do except what's done in the video

In case it wasn't clear: dominate and dance!

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