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Player Reaction: Harris, Brown, Easton

It remains to be seen what the Vikings will do once the window opens at 3 pm today but that hasn't kept them from making some moves related to guys that they already had contracts with and chose to retain. As the title indicates, the law firm of Harris, Brown & Easton will most likely have Purple on the pay checks again in 2018. So I think I'll start with the guy that I know the least about and also may have the smallest impact.

Mack Brown

2018 will be the fourth year for the running back out of Florida. He spent his first two seasons in the capital city, recording most of his touches in his rookie year. An apt description of him would be one hit wonder. During his rookie year he racked up 81 yards over the nine games that he saw time in, but 61 of those yards came on one run. Beyond that, he seems to be just another practice squad guy. That's better than I will ever be able to do, but isn't much to right home about.

Anthony Harris

Maybe this is a dumb comparison, but I don't think so. I consider Anthony Harris to be the Jarius Wright of the defense. He doesn't get much time on the field but when he does, it seems like he manages to make a play. Would I want him to be the full time starter next to Harrison Smith? No. But as a reservist who is being paid to fill the role that he has already proven he can, I'm a big fan of keeping the former Cavalier in our colors!

Nick Easton

Unquestionably the most significant move that the Vikings have been able to make so far was the retention of the swingman Nick Easton. Quarterback remains the top priority but soon the ink will be allowed to hit the paper and that will be resolved. Beyond QB, I think it's a dead heat between offensive and defensive lines for second most need of attention. Both are good, don't get me wrong, but I'm all about taking that which is good and making it better! For my money, keeping a guy who is still young, has started some games and can play multiple positions helps make that happen. Most steps need to be taken but of the deals that are done already, Nick Easton's is my favorite. Oh and it doesn't hurt that if another team decides they want him the Vikings would get a second round pick out of the deal. Win, Win!

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