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All Eyes East

I saw the first win in the streak and now I've seen the latest win. The MSUM women's Basketball team took their run of success into double digits yesterday and got the 11 win today. After scanning the NCAA records, 11 consecutive wins won't ever even qualify as a footnote. That shouldn't deter anyone from taking in one of their remaining home games.

The Dragons have the best college Basketball team in the region. If you want to dismiss that as homerism or just stupid, that's your call to make but if you don't give them a chance to impress then you'll never know what you're missing.

Make no mistake, I'm firmly on the side of "prefers men's sports" but don't hold so tightly to your notions as to miss out on a team that has the makings of post season success...unlike the teams that are part of this websites namesake. They are playing the best ball around. The only thing they lack are the above the rim highlights, but haven't we all seen enough dunks by now anyway? They move the ball well on offense. They operate effectively on defense and now have the school's leading shot blocker (Sannes). And they win games.

Call me simple but that's what it's all about.

Considering the size of the crowd I'm not alone in appreciating quality play and wanting to be witness to the success because it was roughly 2/3 full. As the streak continues, and I'd be shocked if it doesn't get to 15 & beyond, the attention will only increase and that's how it should be!

So I'm going on notice right now as a witness for the Dragons. In two weeks they'll be back in action on their home court and should be welcomed back by a capacity crowd. As fun as it was to see another win and be witness to what Moorhead State has rolling, my main point is that more people should take a look at the team, whether you have a connection to the school or not!

Since it was game action that lead me to this conclusion, I'll close this little guy out with a couple pictures that I think are representative of the play!

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