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Walk off in wonder

I'm speechless. I was hyperventilating on that play. It was the sort of reaction that I only imagined would happen with a Super Bowl victory yet I crying, struggling to breath, pounding on the floor and the breathe's that I could manage went towards yells of celebration. I'm surprised that none of my neighboring apartments came knocking, hopefully they experienced the greatness themselves. How do I even process how great that was?!?

One minute I had my head in my hands and I was starting to think of off season stuff. 14 seconds later the Vikings are in the NFC championship. Wow! Just WOW! So I have to compose myself a little bit...but I really don't want to. I LOVE HOW THIS FEELS! So many endorphins!





Objectively, this was exactly how the game should have gone. If the winner of this one is going to be the representative in the Bowl then it should have been this much of a nail biter. This much of a thriller. It sucks for the Saints but they stole the 09 championship from us so good. Eat this. Remember it. It's the Vikings time and this is our team! And we finally have a guy under center who isn't a liability. Who can be a play producer. Case Keenum is this team's quarterback and he is a BAD MAN. The baddest Good man that I can recall wearing Purple in a long time.

That's going to be a moment that people talk about for decades. One play that will be recounted to the next generation, whatever happens 168 hours from now. But even with as great as that play was, there is a lot more to be positive about.

A first half shut down of the best QB in the NFC playoff field. Everything they had planned to do was working. Stopping an HOF for four quarters practically never happens and the Saints are a good team. Their adjustments during the intermission worked like a charm, leading to the rally. It was frustrating and nerve racking but should not have been a surprise as it unfolded. And I don't think allowing the comeback by Brees and his compatriots should be a black eye against the defense. After the year they've had and the way they continued to compete in a mostly error free manor, no sane person would try to discredit them for the second half and fourth quarter more accurately. But of course there are those people out there so I'm putting it in data.

It's about more then redemption for the past. It's about more then exercising ghosts of the fanbase. It's about finally getting back to the Super Bowl. It all came down to the Hail Millie, for that first time fan that the Vikings got to the game. It's was a classy move and can now be commemorated with an apt title. So that's the first take on it, maybe one of you smart folks will have something better for one of the biggest plays in Vikings franchise history but for now, the Hail Millie.

There's really nothing else I can say. Just such a great feeling! A true feeling of wonder on a walk off play! I've watched it at least a dozen times already and I can't keep from tearing up & laughing out loud every time. It was just a beautiful thing! A moment that captures exactly why sports are so popular and can be so great! So there's a few hundred words to try and capture what only video & audio could actually achieve. Let me leave you with the silent reactions of the man who made the throw!


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