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Wrapping the bye week

They did it.

The Vikings didn't do what they have done so often in the past - let down. With the loss by Carolina they would have had it on lock either way, but doing it themselves instead of leaving it to chance is like a breathe of pure oxygen.

Fact of the matter is that I would have liked to have seen a stronger performance by the offense but they did just enough to have a convincing final score advantage. Say that they continue to be as off in two weeks as they were yesterday, well the victory would be much closer but I harken back to last season. The offense was a weakness but the defense primarily carried the team to 5 - 0. There are many changes from 2016's 8-8 bunch but if need be, the defense is still more then capable of carrying all three units to victories, especially in this NFC playoff field.

But there are limits to the appropriateness of negativity off another double digit victory.

Case Keenum was efficient.

Latavius was borderline dominant.

Diggs & Thielen were both solid.

David Morgan had his best game catching the ball.

Considering the level of doubt that existed about the offense coming into the season, that kind of diversity is still surpassing expectations. it may be faint praise at the same time but it's kind like a rock & hard place situation.

What isn't an R & H is how good the defense was. A week after the Packer shutout, they allowed three points to be scored as a result of the Bear's offense. If they can hold teams to field goals & return touchdowns the rest of the way, any concerns about the offense can dissipate drastically.

The weakest members of the defense would start for most teams in the NFL and competing against teams like the Bears is like the Varsity playing in-earnest against a JV. There's honestly no amount of gushing that can do justice for how dominant the destruction crew is but an ocean of it is deserved. Just for their performance yesterday.

Suffice it by saying thank you!

Thank you for listening to your coaches.

Thank you for giving championship hope to a region that has been in a drought for over 100 total years of professional seasons!

The victory was expected but expectations can be met and exceeded, no matter how high they are. I'm firmly in the camp of those who think that the totality of yesterday's effort exceeded expectations, but I would gladly "discuss" it!

In closing, SKOL & see you in two week!

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