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In the Vikings Court

I've decided to forego my usual follow up to the Vikings game today. Maybe for one week, maybe for longer depending on any input that I receive about it.

The A1, top of the list take away from victory 10 is that the Vikings just need one win the rest of the way to clinch the division. The Lions seem to be about as threatening as a skin rug at this point and they're the second best team in the division. The Packers needed overtime to beat one of the worst teams in the NFL and short of getting the Brett Hundley that showed up against the Steelers, they've got not shot. My deep disdain for them has me dreaming of a scenario where the Vikings clinch the division and a top 2 seed in the playoffs at Lambeau in a couple weeks. The fly in that ointment is that it would hinge on the Vikings losing the next two. No thank you to that! So the next best thing would be the Browns getting off the 0-16 railway and putting an end to the playoff dreams of all those Wisconsin people. Please make it happen Cleveland, PLEASE!!

But what else is there to take away from another great win?

Case Keenum answered one of the few remaining questions about himself. Whether he had it in him to go up against another top flight team, on the road and facing a deficit but managed to bring the team from behind to win. It wasn't the time running out and needing to score to win scenario that a certain VOX has talked about wanting to see but it was the next best thing I think! Atlanta is rounding in to shape and that defense is top 10, even without their top corners but in conjuction with the suffocating defense, Case & the offense came from behind in the fourth quarter at the newest stadium in the NFL, home of the reigning NFC champions and won the game.

What else would anyone need to see from Keenum? ? ? ?

I don't know. I can't think of anything. He's been so good that the guy coming back from injury should not be name again until after their season is concluded. Yeah, I think I'm going to go with that - the former Louisville QB will not be named again on here until the Vikings season is over because Case has been that good!

Today also gave me an answer to a conflict of interest that has been gnawing at me for the last few weeks. How to be a Vikings fan & a fan of local living legend Carson Wentz. The answer has never been clearer. I'm a Vikings fan and while I wish him all kinds of good my team has a chance to get the number one seed. Has a chance to play in the Super Bowl for the first time in my life. To be the host of and play in said big game for the first time ever. So starting tonight, I hope the Eagles lose. My allegiance wasn't swaying but it was in conflict. No longer. SKOL!

The NFC is the Vikings court and today was just the latest example of that. Next Sunday may present the toughest test, but considering how New Orleans handled the Turquoise cats, they may not be much of a challenge for the superior Vikings.

Whatever else there is that could be highlighted, positively or negatively, I think it all pales in comparison to what I already said. I'll gladly discuss any of the other things with anyone who is compelled to bring em up but for now that's the week 10 wrap!

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