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Sunday Roundup (10/29/17)


Football Pick Six

Both the Men's and the Women's Cross Country teams managed runner up finishes at the Summit league championships. All that's left now for each of them is everything and by everything I mean the NCAA tournaments. First the NCAA Midwest regionals and then if successful, nationals. Do Bison Nation proud!

Meanwhile, the Volleyball team went from a three game winning streak to a losing streak of the same length. They host Fort Wayne on Friday night before finishing their schedule to the south east for a pair of matches. Beyond that would be the Summit league tournament, so if nothing else hopefully they can finish strong!

With a chance to claim the #1 seed in their hosted Summit League tournament, the Soccer team did lose on penalty kicks or on a flukey shot late in the match. No, it seems as though they left their skills in Fargo while their bodies went to Brookings. A four to zero defeat later and they fell from a first place chance to fourth. With five of their seven wins coming in conference that may not be a problem for them but it's still a tough way to close out the season!


Is the Vikings next great wide receiver currently on the roster? That and more in this week's Purple Pick Six


Well, six games into the year and we can already start asking which team are we going to get on a nightly basis. That's what happens when you beat Western Conference playoff teams and get blown out by fringe Eastern Conference playoff teams. We're a LONG way from game 82. I had never thought about it but we're closer on the calendar to last year's playoffs then we are to this seasons. It's going to take time. We all know that but hopefully by game 20 they've gotten many of the wrinkles ironed out and are playing a terrific brand of two way basketball, no matter which of their stars may miss a game or two along the way. Maybe that's too presumptive but I hope it doesn't take much beyond game 20 for the melding to be taking place!


The Football team hit the Grant mark against the University of Mary. Not familiar with what I mean, just look at a $50. Yeah, they rolled em 51 - 19. I think that pretty much speaks for itself! They drive out to Minot next weekend before closing out their schedule at home against Bemidji. Going 3 -1 over the final four would be a great finish to a disappointing campaign! And it's totally plausible.

The Soccer team closed out their 2017 the way that all but one of the rest had gone, with losses. I'm not interested in piling on so I'll move on!

The Volleyball team has a five pack of matches remaining in their schedule. After defeating #4 ranked Duluth in five sets, they dropped all but one a few days after against St. Cloud. That's a pretty up and down week but as they wind to the end, they can at least put that feather in their caps!


Rounding out the tri-Fargo, Concordia took down Carleton with a quintet of rushing touchdowns. Two of which came via the legs of the ever expanding school record holder for touchdowns - Chad Johnson. Might NDSU have a competitor for national championship cred in the Fargo-Moorhead area? We're a long way from that but the Cobbers are a good, nay great team that continues to prove it week by week! There next opportunity will come against St. Olaf and I would be hard pressed to bet against them at this point!

Over on the pitch Saturday, the Men's Soccer team got their fifth win...in seventeen tries. That's better then four in seventeen but is also not much to right home or here about. It is better then the ladies final showing though, so there's that.

The Women's Soccer team close out their 18 games with a 0 - 0 tie that got called after two over times. Yikes. I guess you could say that both teams have room for improvement!

Both of the schools Hockey teams have commenced their 2017 schedules. If you're like me then you didn't even realize that Concordia had a Hockey program, much less one that caters to both Men and Women. I guess it's true that there are things to learn every day! Well, the results for each were less then overwhelming but the ladies did manage a split on Saturday afternoon so that's pretty good!

As the Winter Sports continue to commence, the Men's Basketball team will come across the river for an exhibition against NDSU on Wednesday night. Wrestling also joins the Winter fray starting next Saturday.

High School Football


Davies 21, Century 24

WF Sheyenne 37, Minot 66

West Fargo 49, Legacy 7

Fargo South 15, Bismarck 42

Hillsboro CV 27, Carrington 7


Barnesville 48, Crookston 24

Hawley 50, Warroad 0

DGF 0, Pequot Lakes 34

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